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Basic Statistics: American University, 2014-2016.

Instructor on record for nine sections: [Fall 2014][Spring 2015][Summer 2015][Fall 2015][Spring 2016][Summer 2016][Fall 2016][Spring 2017][Summer 2017XB][Summer 2017XD][Fall 2017 (three sections)][Spring 2018 (two sections)][Fall 2018 (three sections)][Spring 2019 (two sections)][Spring 2020 (two sections)].

Basic Statistics, Soc/Poly: American University, 2016.

Instructor on record for one section: [Fall 2016].

Basic Statistics with Calculus: American University, 2016.

Instructor on record for one section: [Fall 2016][Fall 2019 (three sections)].

Introduction to Statistical Computing and Modeling: American University, 2017.

Instructor on record for one section: [Spring 2017].

Applied Calculus. American University, 2014-2015.

Instructor on record for six sections: [Spring 2014][Summer 2014][Spring 2015][Fall 2015][Summer 2018].

Calculus III: American University, 2017

Instructor on record for one section: [Summer 2017XD].

Elementary Mathematical Models. American University, 2013-2016.

Instructor on record for three sections: [Fall 2013][Spring 2014][Spring 2016].

Finite Mathematics. American University, Summer 2015, [Summer 2018]. Instructor on record.

Electronics and Instrumentation, The Johns Hopkins University, Spring 2013.

Taught entire course. Supervised 3 TA's.

Freshman Experiences: Matlab and Pendula, The Johns Hopkins University, Fall 2012.

Delivered one lecture (click title for notes).

Computational Analysis of Stochastic Processes. The Johns Hopkins University, Spring 2012.

Developed course, but course canceled due to insufficient enrollment.

Locomotion, The Johns Hopkins University, Fall 2011.

I was the Teaching Assistant. Graded homework and assisted students with course projects. Course taught by Prof. Noah Cowan.

Modeling and Identifying Neural Systems, The Johns Hopkins University, Spring 2009.

Developed and taught entire course.

Neural Circuits and Behavior, The Johns Hopkins University, Fall 2008

Assisted with instruction.

Locomotion Control, The Johns Hopkins University, Spring 2008

Guest lecturer for three classes (March-April). Prepared and graded one homework set. Course taught by Professor Noah Cowan.

Topics in Motor Control, The University of Maryland, Spring 2006

Informal teaching assistant to Professor John Jeka. I gave three weeks of lectures and created and graded three homework sets.

Calculus II for Engineers, Cornell University, Spring 1997

Teaching assistant for three sections of a class taught by Professor Alfred Schatz.
Beyond my official duties, I helped develop a lengthy study guide for my students. (See parts 1; 2; and 3a and 3b). Though, in the guide, I credited Don Allers as the author, I more than doubled the length of his document and substantially improved the exposition.

Sample Lectures

Ongoing Course Development

The Data Professor's Guides

I am working on typing up my class notes for STAT 202 (Basic Statistics) into something that I hope will replace the textbook. This work is discussed here.

Mentoring and Tutoring available for the 2023-2024 school year (click here)