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I am working on writing up my class notes for STAT 202 (Basic Statistics) into a document that I hope will eventually replace the textbook as the main source of material for the course.

The PDF version that I used for summer 2016 is available here: The Data Professor's Guide to Basic Statistics.

The source TeX file for this document is here: basicstat.tex. This file goes together with the class definitions: tufte-book.cls and tufte-common.def (downloadable from the web).

I discuss here my plans to convert this document to an HTML website. This approach allows Shiny Apps and Graded Quizzes to be linked in. It also creates a modular organization which adds flexibility (mixing and matching of the components) when alternative textbooks are written, and facilitates attribution of materials to various authors.

Next Steps

Website navigation:

  • Give each chapter its own Tufte handout document.
  • Create a Table of Contents (TOC) which links to all chapters.
  • Create a navigation bar on each page with a buttons for PREVIOUS CHAPTER, UP TO TOC, PDF, NEXT CHAPTER.

Website Maintenance

  • Put all source files on version control (e.g. GITHUB).
  • Create one command to pull latest changes in source files from GITHUB then automake HTML files and PDF files, Shiny apps, quizzes/homework--one command completely updates website.

Shiny Apps:

  • Put an image of Shiny App in document, have these images generated automatically from code for Shiny App.
  • Have image linked to App, you can follow link from website or PDF reader, or copy link from hard copy.
  • Install Shiny Server on my desktop.
  • Obtain access to a server that is accessible outside AU.

Graded Homework/Quizzes:

  • Auto-generate an image of question which is linked (hard copy link, too) to the app that allows you to answer question, and get an answer, auto-graded, or sent to instructor for grading.