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Based on the results of survey 4 quite a few students felt Neurons in Action was getting repetitive, and hampered for something more challenging. I had hoped to get the project software running this weekend, unfortunately I was very sick most of the weekend and didn't get much done. A number of students wanted to do the axon tutorials, so my tentative plan is start with those (since I was unable to get anything else prepared) then quickly move on to NEURON programing and the project material. Some students still are still interested in some of the tutorials and there are more on the syllabus. But I hope to do less NEURONS IN ACTION Tutorials in a row in the future. I'll aim for more of a mix. Stay tuned...

See the Lab J homework.

At the request of one of the students, I have also posted a recent talk I gave at Yale about Bayesian filtering (you may recognize some of the first slides from the first lecture). This student was interested in the equations for Bayesian filtering. The slides will need some explanation, so ask me. You can also check out this paper.

We are doing something new today: Neuron's in Action with an axon rather than a patch. I am starting with the first tutorial because I you will be taught material in this tutorial prerequisite to doing the other multi-compartment tutorials.

  • Homework K: Put three observations from Passive Membrane Tutorial into a PowerPoint and send to me.