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Survey: We will probably not get through all of the tutorials, so I wanted to give the class a chance to express its desires. Note that we are constrained by the syllabus. We should do everything promised, but there will be time for more material and there will be some flexibility in how much time we spend on individual topics. List the tutorials and other topics you most want to see covered (or covered throughly) in the class.

Student A:

  • The myelinated axon
  • Postsynaptic inhibition
  • Neuromuscular Junction
  • Site of Impulse Initiation

Student B:

I like the tutorials & topics we've been covering in class. It'd easier (and probably happier) for us to continue spending time on the tutorials. I also like the tutorials we have on the syllabus.

It might be a good challenge to jump into the papers earlier in the semester. I skimmed through some of the papers and realized that the papers are deep and the math is not trivial. So, if you plan to make the three papers the major aspect of the class, I think it'd be beneficial to start understanding them earlier in the semester.

The papers are just there for background. We won't cover them in any detail.

Student C:

From the syllabus, I think I would most enjoy NEURON programming, model selection, and learning Bayesian filtering. I don't mind doing the tutorials - they are undoubtedly informative and useful - but they can get tiring in a series.

Student D:

I am particularly interested in learning to program neuron towards the end of the semester. Though there are several interesting advanced tutorials in Neuron, I think that over the long run learning to manipulate the program code would be more useful. (and interesting).

Student E:

I do not have any preference for which topics should be given more attention because they all seem to be important. However, I do want to comment that I want to do more than just Neurons In Action tutorials because it is very repetitive. I think it'll be more worthwhile if we shift our direction to do something else that allows us to be a bit more creative.

Student F:

I would like to do some more work in tutorials. For example, I am interested in exploring more into Ca action potential, postsynaptic inhibition, unmyelinated axons, and neuromuscular junction tutorials.

So far I have received only 6 surveys. If you haven't turned one in it is not too late...