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Apparently there are compatibility issues between MATLAB and the latest version of MacOSX. The commands below are your best chance to open MATLAB, but I have been warned that these do not work every time. Apparently this is a known bug in MATLAB and there is no known workaround, other than to just keep trying these commands. We may have to spend 5 minutes every day opening MATLAB. We will wait for everyone to get this running before we proceed with the class. I'll plan to come to the classroom (if it is vacant) five minutes early and try to get Matlab started on some of the machines. Come and help out if you can!

  • Open X11 (Found in /Application/Utilities). This opens a command window.
  • In the X11 window type
/Applications/MATLAB_R2008a/bin/matlab -nodesktop
  • If Matlab starts (in the X11 window) type in the X11 window
  • If Matlab starts up with the graphical interface you are all set.