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Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels.

I tutor most STEM subjects, including Statistics, Data Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Introductory Physics. (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.)

1. During a 15-minute free consult, you'll describe what you need and I will offer approaches to meet your needs and the rates. You'll let me know if that works for you and I'll answer your questions.

2. After the consult, the client will periodically email me their questions to be addressed. This could be photos or scans of a book describing the problems you're working on.

3. With each email, I will provide a free assessment of the set of questions, which will include the following: (1) How many different "topics" requiring separate appointments are needed to address all the questions (see pay scale, typically one topic per assignment per class), (2) How much time I will need to prepare for each appointment (charged on the same scale), and (3) For advanced questions, how confident I am that I already know each solution.

For all questions, I will aim to "teach students to fish" rather than "give students a fish," with reference to the famous aphorism whereby the latter feeds you for a day, whereas the former feeds you for a lifetime. I use the Socratic method to help students solve problems on their own.

For advanced questions, if I know the general approach, we can work through it together, which could be helpful on its own, or you can pay me in advance to think through the steps and provide more polished tutoring.

If how to solve a problem isn't readily apparent, in the free assessment, I may provide a written brainstorm of different approaches that might help get you started (if I can generate such a brainstorm easily). You can then decide if you want me to explore any approaches on my own (for pay) or in a Zoom session with you, (also for a fee).

After the free assessment, the client will schedule any appointments and arrange for payment in advance using an online service such as PayPal or Venmo.