Lectures: Stat 202 Spring 2015

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Lecture notes from Stat 202 Spring 2015

Our lecture notes will be similar but perhaps not exactly the same.

  • Snow Day, Week 1, Wednesday, no class.
  • Snow Day, Week 3, Tuesday, no class.
  • Week 5, Review and Exam. No Lectures
  • Snow Day, Week 6, Tuesday, no class.
  • Lecture, Week 7, Friday: PowerPoint Lecture (Chapter 3) that won't load properly on my website. (See email sent 6:16 pm Friday, Feb 27.)
  • Lecture, Week 8, Tuesday: PowerPoint Lecture (Chapter 3, continued, see note for last Friday).
  • Snow Day, Week 8, Friday, no class.
  • Week 10, Review and Exam. No Lectures
  • Class canceled, Week 12, Tuesday.
  • Week 13, Tuesday. No lesson plan. We went over exam and passed out a lab.
  • No lesson plans for W13 Friday -- Week 14 Wednesday. We went over lab 11, proportions packet and practice exams.