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I have a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Cornell University.

I have taught at the college level (8+ years) at Cornell, Johns Hopkins University, and American University. While at American University, I taught 24 classes in Statistics over 6 years. I have also taught Calculus, Mathematics, Engineering, and Neuroscience classes. I have explained the concepts of Basic Statistics to over 1000 students, and know how to convey understanding. In Statistics classes, I often assigned optional or required data projects and helped students find topics and data that inspired them. My students went on to good jobs in industry or government. With my letters of recommendation, some went on to Medical School; others to Law School.

At American University, I led a research program in Baseball Analytics for several years and worked with students on Baseball Analytics projects. I had success advancing students to jobs in Sports Analytics. I am currently a Data Scientist working in the healthcare Industry.