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Sean G. Carver, Ph. D., Data Scientist

Data scientist, gifted in the creative analysis and presentation of data. I have skills and experience creating and conveying penetrating insights from data and models. In a sense, I have been a data scientist for my entire career, although I did not always call myself that. I have also called myself a modeler.

I tutor most STEM fields and mentor data projects that send students to the next level---college, graduate school, or a spectacular career. I have a particular interest and experience in baseball analytics to prepare students to work or study as sports data analysts. Regardless of your field of interest, I can help you design and implement a project or projects that will get you noticed by employers and university admission committees.

Baseball Research Showcase for Undergraduates:
In Spring 2017, I taught Stat 370, Introduction to Statistical Computing and Modeling.
In Spring 2009, I developed and taught at Johns Hopkins: Modeling and Identifying Neurosystems.
I received my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Cornell University in 2003. I later worked for the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, Yale University, and Data Machines Corp.
I wrote: The Data Professor's Guide to Basic Statistics.